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Cash is Trash – The End of Fiat?


Using and holding cash (current U.S. Dollar) is a good means of keeping transactions and some assets private, but that doesn’t matter not when it no longer has value. Cash is no longer “King”. The Federal Reserve Note that we know as “money” will soon become as worthless as monopoly money, which is what it has been since taken off of the gold standard in 1971. It is inevitable that all fiat (non-backed) promissory notes become more useless than toilet paper.

The U.S. Dollar has already lost over 96% of it’s value since 1913. Most people don’t realize this because a dollar is always seen as a dollar. They just think goods and services cost more. WRONG.

Even in the past 3 years the dollar has lost probably 35% more of it’s value. Anyone using it can see this when you go buy food or especially if you frequent a hardware store and buy plumbing and electrical supplies.

usd worthless
A huge part of the US dollar becoming worthless is from the creation of Federal Reserve, it’s mass Counterfeiting (printing) of the paper, and it being backed by nothing except the “faith” in the Federal Reserve. Understand that the Federal Reserve is as federal as Federal Express. It’s not. What is it then? Here’s an excellent place to begin learning about it; what money is, it’s origins, and how the “Federal” government has manipulated the masses to believe it’s promissory note has value.


Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and a dozen other books, explains further why Cash is Trash. Give it a listen. As always, I recommend using NewPipe for Android to watch YouTube videos.



Have you heard of when folks go to their banks and they won’t give them their money? This is becoming more prevalent and highly reported in the U.K.. A bank bail-in is when banks seize money from depositors, turning debt into equity to keep the bank afloat. Yes, this happens. Oh, but my account is insured by the FDIC. Wake up. The FDIC only insures about 1.5% of your assets and is backed by the “full faith and credit of the United States government.” The government doesn’t have any credit except what it has already stolen from you.

Bob Moriarty, marine, naval aviator, and financial author, says, “It’s not a question of if the banks are going to go under, but a question of when. …It’s going to blow the system sky high so rapidly most people are going to be totally shocked. The banking system is incredibly vulnerable to shocks to the system, he says. He discusses ways to prepare and fortify oneself financial against a crash of the system. Check out Liberty and Finance’s interview with Bob Moriarty



The first report I saw of this was from Anna Von Reitz in an Article she wrote in early Feb 2023She explained, “In a few days, weeks at most, there will be an announcement by the “United States Treasury” — actually, the International Monetary Fund, which has been functioning as the “United States Treasury” since 1924, that Federal Reserve Notes will no longer be honored. They may or may not be honest enough to tell you why — that these “notes” have been counterfeited to the point where they are no longer viable representations of debt or credit. Even though all this has been ongoing for decades right in front of all the regulatory agency noses here and abroad, everyone benefiting from this “system” kept mum. And they have done nothing sufficient to prepare for a transition from FRNs. There have been numerous smooth transitions between forms of currency, such as the transition from “Silver Certificates” and the current form of “Federal Reserve Note” which occurred in the 1970’s. The new currency was introduced in exchange for the Silver Certificates and gradually removed from circulation to reduce the debt burden on the banks. This time, there will be no exchange, because of all the counterfeiting and Odious Debt that the Perpetrators allowed to accrue. The new so-called United States Treasury Notes that are proposed as gold-backed replacement currency by the IMF are not printed and available in sufficient quantity to do any kind of smooth transition, and since the IMF is unable and unwilling to own up to its culpability, nobody will be able to buy USTNs with FRNs.”

This will not be a smooth transition if it actually does happen. Hence, making bank bail-ins even more probable. Remember, a fiat crash is not an if-then type scenario. It is a “when and how do I prepare now?” scenario. I personally believe there will be an emergency type situation and the government will be looked to for the solution…which is the easiest way to roll-in their savior, CBDC’s – Central Bank Digital Currencies.


Central bank digital currencies, are government-backed digital currencies issued by a central bank. They’re being rapidly rolled out to bring about a new economic transaction system that could lead to a new form of modern-day slavery. If you don’t know about these yet, YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE AND DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO REJECT THEM.

In Dr. Mercola’s recent article, What Can I Do to Stop CBDCs?, he provides alarming statistics that every freedom-lover should be aware of.In 2023, 11 countries have fully launched a digital currency while more than 20 more will move toward starting one. 114 countries, which represent more than 95% of global GDP, are looking into CBDC — up from just 35 countries in 2020.”

In this same article, Finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts, explains how CBDCs are Instrumental for Social Control and 10 Actions You Can Take to Stop CBDCs. It is very enlightening and useful. Here is a link to it that wont expire. Here also is a related video that was in his post. Opting out of CBDC’s.


I write all of this, in a brief way and not too deep, because I want this to be shared and read. This could be an entire book or 10 books if explained in depth. People need to comprehend what is going on and TAKE ACTION NOW. Whether small steps or massive ones, taking actions now will prepare and protect you and your loved ones for what’s to come.

This isn’t fear mongering. It’s LEARNING about a problem, EXITING centralized systems that caused the problem, and BUILDING (or using) de-centralized systems that give you sovereignty. LEARN-EXIT-BUILD. Here are some excellent Resources with your journey to greater FREEDOM!

Here are questions to ask yourself, more resources, and some simple solutions:

1) Look into other forms of money and ways to barter. Do you know what Bitcoin is yet? I have found CitizenXero’s blogs super helpful. Also check out Monero which is trusted for more private transactions than all other cryptocurrencies combined.

Do you have a big nest egg and don’t know what to do with it now? Do you own any gold and silver? WHY NOT!? 

2) Diversify – Exchange some of your fiat money for gold and silver. Rollover cash to a retirement gold/silver IRA or 401k. Checkout

Silver is at $22/oz and Gold is around $1900/oz. Silver has a lot of room to go…as Gold to Silver ratio is around 80. Historically, before 1913, Gold to Silver ratio was 10-15, which means it only took 10-15oz of Silver to buy an ounce of Gold. Now it takes 80oz of silver to buy an ounce of Gold. Many experts will agree it’s value has been suppressed for many decades. As the republic gets rebuilt, there will be more and more demand for precious metals, especially when the U.S. Dollar gets gold-backed. 

3) Keep limited amounts of fiat money in the banks. What do you have to lose? Everything, if bank bail-ins occur.

4) Connect with and build communities that already do business with crypto and precious metals. Do you already have Silver and Bitcoin, or privacy coins like Monero? Then look for ways to USE IT. Donate silver to church and give it as gifts instead of some piece of paper that someday will be worthless. Help others know what real money is and isn’t. Teach your children. Teach others how to use crypto-currency if you are in to it. Ask businesses if they will take Silver, gold, or crypto for payments. 

5) Get Privacy Freedom. Privacy is Essential to Freedom. I don’t believe you truly own anything that does not give you optional disclosure of your ownership of that given asset. PRIVACY is an essential part of actual ownership, which is in itself private property. The only form of private property that you truly own is that which you hold and protect in complete privacy, this is private property that can never be taken from you. 

Know that every email or text you send, every conversation, and every picture you take on your smart-phone can be collected, stored, sold, etc. [This is YOUR private property]. Stop letting Google, Apple, and 3 letter agencies KNOW WHAT YOU OWN and harvest your data thru big-tech apps, clouds, emails, and phones. They know every App you have and how much you use it. Stop feeding the beasts. Get a deGoogled phone, take back control, and Get Privacy Freedom. You can learn more about how you are surveilled here ->

I hope some of this information is helpful.

Published February 13, 2023

God Bless


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