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Google is a Threat to Society

Google is a Threat to Society



Problem: Google is a surveillance Agency. Their search engine, Google Wallet, Google Docs, Google Drive, Youtube, Gmail, etc are surveillance platforms and are a THREAT to you and society.

Surveillance is what they do. All of the personal information they collect through their various “services” is sold to advertisers looking for specific target audiences. Their revenue which exceeds $130 billion a year comes almost exclusively from advertising, or in other words…YOU are the product that they sell. Check out How Your Phone & Computer Spy on You!

Google is a threat to society in many more ways; such as working closely with our intelligence agencies (uhmm scary) and then the whole search engine manipulation effect (SEME) which can change people’s opinions, voting preferences, and much more through subliminal type tools. Check out Dr. Robert Epstein on Big Tech Censorship and his disturbing findings!


How do we protect ourselves from Spying?

Google is a serious PROBLEM and we need to protect ourselves. How? Get rid of the threat by deGoogling our lives. Here are some “DO’s” to STOP being a “PRODUCT.”

  • Stop saying “google it.” This should be outlawed. “Brave it” sounds much cooler anyway. What the heck is a “google”???!! Use Brave browser and Tor Browser.
  • Get rid of Gmail and other Google services. Goes for Apple users as well. Get Protonmail or Tutanota encrypted email services. They have free plans but try paying a bit to support them. They have great Business programs and alias emails that are really handy!
  • Get rid of any Google Home type tech; Google Assistant, Google Home Smart Speakers, Video doorbells, Google Nest Cams… You picking up what I am laying down here?
  • Use a Faraday bag if don’t have a deGoogled phone. When your device is placed inside the bag, it keeps your device untrackable & quiet. Blocks all incoming and outgoing Bluetooth signals, as well as Cell, GPS and WiFi.

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