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Google’s New Wallet: Digital ID’s & Vac Cards

Google’s New Wallet-Digital ID’s and Vac Cards. What?!

I am not surprised one bit with Google’s plans to normalize Digital ID’s and vac cards. Per, “these new cards are set to be released in a few weeks. Sameer Samat, Google’s Vice President of Product Management, said the tech giant is working with US states and governments around the world to bring digital ID’s to Google Wallet and that the driver’s licenses will be the first type of ID to be digitized in the app.” Samat noted that highly personal information, such as vaccine cards “are not shared with anyone, not even Google.”

The Truth about Google’s motives

Google’s New Wallet: Digital ID’s & Vac CardsHa! Ok, so just like Google doesn’t track your personal movements via wifi scanning etc!? Or personal conversations via gmail or texting?! Or it tracking devices for personal App downloads and their usage? So think about it. Google already forces the user to connect their IDENTITY to their DEVICE by making the user create a User ID and the verify that it’s YOU before the device even become somewhat usable.

You & your data become their property. STRIKE 1!

Also, Google forces their Search Engine, Gmail, Chrome, Drive, Photos, Maps, and YouTube Apps on it’s device and on it’s users. These can’t even be uninstalled, leaving the user having to “just put up with it” because it’s the norm. YOUR property is THEIR PROPERTY. STRIKE 2!


Now not only Google, but Apple and Samsung are embracing and partnering or have partnered already with several US states and Transport Security Administration (TSA) to digitize driver’s licenses. STRIKE 3 – YOUR OUT!


You want to know where this is going?

Well, for example, according to Thomson Reuters Foundation News, In April, Nigerian government blocked 73 million citizens mobile phones as punishment for failing to register on the National Digital Identity Database. That’s almost 1/3 of the country…total state control. So you can imagine what could happen if this type of ID system becomes the norm.


The more your identity is digitized, the more control Big Tech and Government / State agencies have over you. We already had a taste of it during the Plandemic. For the “sake of safety, businesses were shutdown, you could patron hardly anywhere without masks, and couldn’t cross certain borders or go on a cruise without proof of having the experimental vaccine.

At some point this type of technology could be used to control your buying habits, where you travel, what and where you eat, etc. What if your power was shutoff because you wouldn’t comply? What if your phone was shutoff? What if your internet was shut down?

What do to about this now?

  1. Do NOT Comply. Run from this! Do not think it’s something convenient. Remember, when something is free, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT.
  2. De-Centralize your life. DeGoogle and deApple. Get de-googled phones so you have complete control over your device. Disconnect YOUR IDENTITY from YOUR DEVICE. This is so KEY right now. Check out the Resource page for decentralization resources and ideas.
  3. Get off Google and Apple clouds. Get off gmail. Tell people to use Brave search engine. Share info to other people about what’s going on. Get Protonmail or Tutanota.

Now is the time for people to wake up. Be freedom fighters and DO NOT COMPLY, DO NOT COMPLY, DO NOT COMPLY.

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