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A major part of a Parallel Economy is to stop using or giving up our data to the “other” economy. There is a Digital Privacy War for YOUR data because Big Tech WANTS and NEEDS your data for control and power.

At Get Privacy Freedom, Privacy is our passion because TAKING OWNERSHIP OF OUR DATA is the one of the biggest blows we can give to the “other” economy since they no longer can GET our data. Our locations, our buying habits, our conversations, our assets, our App usage, our Internet browsing, our income sources, our health decisions… is all OURS! We are Property of No One!   BUT if we don’t DO something, the control and enslavement will only worsen.

Do you know what’s happening in Italy and already in China?

china-cctv-trackingItaly has launched a China-Style ‘Social Credit System’ for ‘Good behavior.’ reports, “A social credit system which rewards the ‘righteous citizen’ is going to be introduced after this summer in Bologna (Italy) with the ‘smart citizen wallet.’ You ‘get points’ if you recycle, use public transports, etc. Citizens movements will be tracked through CCTV’s and everyone will get a centralized Govt wallet.

The Dollar Vigilante further explains that China already uses a similar ‘Social Credit System’ and punishes people by downgrading their wallet points if anyone acts as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) doesn’t want them to.

Big-Tech Enslavement and Small Changes

Folks, this is where we are heading. And ‘they’ don’t need CCTV’s to accomplish this. All they need is your smart phone device that is connected to your identity and spy on your behaviors, then determine whether your beliefs, your choices, your actions are ‘righteous’ or not. They already FORCE unwanted Apps on our phones…so think about what enslavement Apps will be coming next. Be proactive and start making changes now,; like using Fdroid and Aurora store to get Apps. Use Magic Earth and Organic Maps instead of Google and Apple’s. The future begins now and small changes can make a big difference. Remember, we don’t need anyone looking into OUR business, our habits, or spying on us in any way whatsoever! EVERYONE has a the right to Privacy Freedom. YOU DESERVE IT.

Starve the Beasts and do a Big-Tech Detox

Starve the Beasts. Start by eliminating Centralized Oligarchical Monopolies from your life. ELIMINATE SPYWARE. We learn how they surveil us, we exit their systems, and then we find and build new decentralized tech and systems. Learn->Exit->Build. This is how and why a Parallel Economy begins and thrives. We much get rid of the toxins to be a healthy, safe, and effective economy.

One of the simplest solutions to do right now is get a deGoogled Privacy Smartphone which SEPARATES your identity from your device, thus;

NO data to sell to 3rd parties including big-brother”, NO google device fingerprint, NO wi-fi location tracking, NO behavior analysis, NO google App tracking, NO Bluetooth spying, NO conversation spying, etc. Essentially, we stop feeding the enemy. Goodbye Google, goodbye Falsebook, goodbye Apple, goodbye Amazon. Goodbye WOKE! (

Big Tech WANTS and NEEDS your data for control and power.


I know it’s difficult to separate ourselves from devices we love and to change habits. But FREEDOM takes SACRIFICE. But if we want to take back Control and Power, then it BEGINS with taking back our data! YOU can make a difference…Join the PRIVACY REVOLUTION!

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