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Use same Signal account on TWO User Profiles

Instructions for linking your Signal account to 2nd user profile or Use same Signal account on TWO User Profiles


You will need TWO devices for this procedure.

  • Device1 will be your main user device that has Signal App already on the Owner profile and gets the linked 2nd User Profile “Signal” account
  • Device2 will only be used to take a picture of a QR code that is generated at step B5

A) Device1: On 2nd User Profile that you want Signal on, use Droid-ify to download / install Molly App. If you don’t have Droid-ify, download it from F-droid.  Here is link to Molly APK if prefer using that method.

NOTE: If Molly doesn’t show up under “Explore” then need to enable Molly F-Droid Repo.

  1. Go to upper right hand corner, touch on the 3 vertical dots.
  2. Touch on Repositories
  3. Touch on Molly F-Droid Repo (Foss)
  4. Go search again for Molly. Make sure you are under “Explore” and NOT “Installed”.
  5. Touch to Install and then Launch

B) Device1: On 2nd User Profile on Molly App

  1. Touch on Continue
  2. Touch on Next
  3. Touch on Link to existing device (DO NOT touch Continue)
  4. Name your linked Device and Touch on Link
  5. A QR code will appear. Use Device2 to take a picture of the QR code.

C) Device1, switch back to Owner Profile.

  1. Touch on Signal or Molly (can use either App)
  2. Go to top left of screen and Touch on Profile picture. This gets you into “Settings
  3. Touch on Linked devices
  4. Touch + at bottom right of screen
  5. Scanner / camera will open. Now Scan the QR code that you took a picture of earlier on Device2.
  6. A New screen will appear asking to “Link this device?” Touch on Link device at bottom of screen
  7. Should get something like “approved”. If not, go back to Step “B” and try again.

Note: This may work OK with using Signal instead of Molly on 2nd User Profile. I have not tested it. I like Molly better because it’s Enhanced and Security-focused fork of Signal. Here are some features.

Molly Signal info


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