Dell Latitude 13 – 3300 Laptop [Linux Mint OS]



Operating System: Linux Mint (No Windows, No Microsoft, No “kill-Bill” software / spyware)
Condition: Refurbished – Like New
Processor: Intel Core I3-8145 CPU @ 2.10GHz x 2
Ram: 8GB 3200MHz (Up-gradable to 32GB)
Storage: 256GB Solid State Drive
Intel UHD Graphics
Screen: 13in HD (1366 x 768) Anti-Glare, Non-Touch Display
Dimensions: 329 x 230 x 22 mm (12.95″ x 9.06″ x 0.87″)
Weight: 1.56 kg (3.4 lbs)
Battery: 42Wh, 3-cell, 56Wh


You are in COMPLETE CONTROL with this Dell Latitude 13 – 3300 Laptop [Linux Mint OS].

This super durable laptop features a rubberized material going all the way around the sides and a spill-resistant keyboard.  RAM and / or storage are easily upgradable and it has great battery life.

It is a Windows/Microsoft-free laptop!

  • Linux Mint is a modern, elegant and comfortable Operating System which is both powerful and easy to use.
  • It’s safe and reliable.
  • Perfect Laptop for keeping your Privacy Freedom. Crypto, health, conversation, internet PRIVACY, etc.
  • Keep your passwords, credit card numbers, communications, and financial account numbers private.
  • No spyware tracking your typing with Keyloggers, or controlling your Microphone or Camera.
  • No forced Microsoft spyware programs like Dropbox, OneDrive, Cortana, or Siri.
  • Delete or Add any program you want.
  • OS, programs, software are all FOSS (Free Open Source Software) that YOU OWN.
  • Detailed Specs


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