deGoogled Phone Programming Service

Provide your Own Phone and have it deGoogled.

[Ship your phone to Get Privacy Freedom & have your preferred OS flashed to it.]

  • Choose Graphene OS (Pixels only), /e/OS, or Lineage OS.  See this BLOG for more info about Operating Systems
  • Phone must be compatible (flashable): bootloader unlockable and on the device lists above or on our website. Phone also should be carrier unlocked.
  • Includes Standard Return Shipping.
  • Turn around time: Phone ship time to Ohio + 2 days + Return shipping to you.
  • We cannot provide a Guarantee or Warranty to your device that you provide. If there are problems that arise, it is very difficult to discern if it is your phone or the Operating System that is flashed to it.
  • SUPPORT: Yes, of course we will support with startup, troubleshooting, or whatever. We love to help!



deGoogled Phone Programming Service details

NOTE: We prefer to flash same phones we sell on the website, but there are exceptions.

Please make inquiry before purchasing if your PHONE is NOT in the deGoogled Phone Shop.
Some Models are very difficult to get the bootloader unlocked and sometimes have to wait 30days before it becomes “unlockable”.

What is Rooting? In shortest terms…it gives the user complete control over the phone. This is NOT recommended for a newbie NOR is it necessary for deGoogled Phone / Operating System. If you don’t know what it is, then you most likely don’t need it. If want to learn more about it…Check out articles by and

Regarding /e/OS, Their supported devices will be running Android 12 by end of October, 2022.
On the /e/OS device list, these are the best “stable” models. There are many devices supported, but are “dev” builds. Below is more info on this:

    • Official builds include the latest development code and are called dev builds. They are provided as best effort, without any guarantee and may include known and significant bugs.
    • The stable tag means these builds benefited from a comprehensive testing cycle before release and this version can be used as a daily driver.
    • All dev and stable builds are official builds and go out OTA or Over The Air to supported devices

In other words, if you have a “dev” build flashed to your device, you run it at your own risk. I personally have never had a problem.



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