WishWellFarms Pure Ohio Maple Syrup

WishWellFarms Pure Ohio Maple Syrup is made right here on the farm in central Ohio. It’s been on quite the journey to end up on your table. First, the sap drips out of one of our 500 trees into a 5 mile network of enclosed, sterile tubing. Next, it flows into a big holding tank where it will be pumped out daily and taken to the Sugar Shack. Once it gets to the Sugar Shack, it enters into the evaporator, where it is boiled for hours to concentrate it down to the delicious, golden brown syrup you will receive in the mail. The final step is to filter and bottle. The process is lengthy, but we are happy to do it, because the end product is such a sweet reward!

Did you know that it takes 40-50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup?