WishWellFarms Ohio Maple Syrup Sampler Pack

Choose four of our syrups in any combination with the WishWellFarms Ohio Maple Syrup Sampler Pack. They are delicious over pancakes, in milk, on ice cream, or on just about anything you would eat with sugar.

Here are your options:

CINNAMON- Our cinnamon infused maple syrup has an organic Korintje cinnamon stick added during the bottling process, creating a delicious combination. 8 oz glass.

COFFEE- The coffee infused maple syrup has organic, dark roast Sumatra coffee beans added during the bottling process. Whether you are a coffee-lover or not, we think you will love this combo. Hold a fork up to the mouth of the jar and pour, because the coffee beans will still be in the syrup! The fork will keep the beans from coming out- although some people say the beans are delicious to eat.

BOURBON- The bourbon barrel aged maple syrup is put into a bourbon barrel to age for several months. The flavor of the bourbon has simply been picked up from the freshly used barrel as the syrup aged for 4-5 months.

CHAI- Our newest infusion, chai, is quickly becoming a favorite. The organic chai tea bags are steeped into the hot maple syrup, then removed, leaving only the delicious, comforting flavor behind.

ORIGINAL- You can also choose our 100% pure maple syrup.