The Errant Sovereign’s Handbook

The Errant Sovereign’s Handbook addresses the three grievances most common to most people in this country; the IRS, property taxes, and traffic enforcement. This handbook contains the mechanics of how to disentangle yourself from these three aspects of “the system” in a simple way with minimal risk to personal liberty or property. Uncle Gus can show you how to find and open the escape hatch but you will have to supply the gumption to swing it open and step through.

Paperback book. 110 pages.



augustus blackstone, law, common law, civil law, admiralty law, uniform commercial code, ucc, social security, i.r.s., property, republic, sovereign elector, positive law, natural law, constitutional law … A practical handbook, including several form letters, for accomplishing several feats of legal extrication from the fraudulent statutory system by asserting fundamental common rights.

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