R2L Radiation to Light – Reduce Cell Phone Radiation

Features of R2L Radiation to Light

Works with any model phone or mobile device
Does not interfere with call quality or clarity
Certified by (2) independent S.A.R. testing labs
(RF Exposure Lab San Marcos, CA) & ( MÜLLER BBM GmbH, Germany)
Reduces cell phone radiation up to 70%
Flashes L.E.D. when radiation is being absorbed
Easy-to-use peel & place application


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R2L Radiation to Light – Reduce Cell Phone Radiation

Patented Technology
The R2L L.E.D. light flashes when excess radiation is being converted from the cell phone. The patented antenna absorbs the excess radiation not required to power the device.

Independent Lab Testing
The R2L has been proven through rigourous SAR testing. SAR testing measures the “Specific Absorption Rate” of radiation at multiple depths and locations on the head and body in order to quantify how much radiation is actually penetrating it with and without certain safety devices.

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